SPiTZ is a part of the RZ company - a family owned business with 25 years of tradition and experience based in the world center of medical technology, Tuttlingen.
Our passion and targets are good and intelligent products “made in Germany” as our contribution for an outstanding care for our animals.



  • EndoTip – the combination of resuable instruments and single use tips
  • LUMEN LED 180/300W LED Light Source
  • K4000 4K 3Chip UHD Camera system
  • 15 different 3.0mm Micro Instruments

diagnostic endoscopy.

  • Flexible scope 15.5 Charr and 380mm working length
  • USB Full HD Camera
  • Semiflexible 360° rotating instruments
  • Short sinusscope with mobile LED light source

orthopaedics & arthroscopy.

  • ArthVANCE® instruments line
  • STUNNER S1 Arthroscopy Shaver
  • Diamont hook rasp for meniscal repair
  • ArthVIEW Mini Arthroscope 1.9mm, 69mm length

open surgery.

  • DREAM TWEEZER – online custom-made configuration of forceps
  • Supercut, TC or CeraCut Quality
  • Kerrison Rongeurs all sizes and shapes
  • Custom made laser marking on request

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The RZ Website will give you a comprehensive overview about our interdisciplinary product portfolio.
Feel free to download the SPiTZ Brochure.


We know the daily challenges of having the right equipment for the small cat or the giant breed dog.

  • Versatile selection of instruments in our ArthVANCE® line including punches, graspers, suture instruments, hooks, knives, rasps or scissors
  • Imaging in high Full HD or 4K quality
  • Shaver System with blades sizes 2.0 – 3.0 – 4.0
  • Scopes for all joints from 1.9mm to 4.0mm in all length with different angulations
  • Instruments and equipment for small bone osteosynthesis and joint surgery


Special animals require special equipment.
We offer a comprehensive portfolio for diagnosis and endoscopy for birds and exotic animals.

  • 2.7mm and 1.9mm scopes in different length and angulations with matching sheaths including working channels
  • Semiflexible und rigid micro instruments down to 3 Charr. Diameter
  • 3 Charr. electrodes in different shapes

Equine Medicine.

All you need for Arthroscopy or Laparoscopy for the equine patient.

  • Long shaft Laparoscopic instruments 450mm with different handles
  • XL Trocars system in 5.5mm, 11mm and 13mm diameter
  • Detachable long shaft bipolar forceps
  • Advanced Endoscopic Polymere and Titan clip application
  • STUNNER S1 Arthroscopy Shaver


Besides our original SPiTZ brand we offer possibilities for private label depending on your demands.
For wholesalers, clinic groups or manufacturers –
we have the flexibility to get things done.

  • Many years of experience in doing OEM business all over the world
  • Flexible manufacturing, laser marking, labeling and packaging
  • We have the complete package to be your “one stop shop”